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Yusri Mukaddam , Y02025


Welcome to Greendot Pharmacies – Townsview Medicine Depot

Greendot – Townsview Medicine Depot opened on 25 APRIL 2006 and has been committed to keeping families healthy since then. The pharmacy has been at its current location since 1965. We have always been customer centric in our approach to our patients. The Pharmacy is a Community & Family orientated healthcare facility which has always had Extended trading hours. We are contracted in to most medical aids and recognized as a designated service provider (DSP) by most. We deliver medicines to most areas in the South of Johannesburg till late for those emergencies you might have. Our motto has always been – “Affordable medicines with convenience” .

Our Responsible Pharmacist, Yusri is the founder of Greendot Pharmacies. Also a member of the ICPA. He has completed many additional studies and courses which enables him to assist many patients in various areas of healthcare. Most recently he has qualified and registered as a PIMART pharmacist and is a member of the SA HIV Clinicians Society which enables him to prescribe medicines to patients needing Pre and Post exposure HIV prophylaxis in the form of antiretroviral medicines(ARVs). He attends many additional webinars and events to keep abreast with the latest products and trends in the pharmaceutical industry. He has also travelled abroad to the US, Europe, Middle East and India to understand their Pharma industry and has returned with ideas which would benefit our retail market which he has incorporated into his Pharmacy.

Responsible Pharmacist, Yusri Mukaddam (B.Pharm)


65c Main street Rosettenville, 2190

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